What does a professional coach even do?

 As your coach, I can do these things:

  1. Help you to figure out what you really want in your life. 
  2. Help you to create a plan to get it. 
  3. Help you to figure out your values. What's really important to you?
  4. Help you to identify your challenges.  What is holding you back?
  5. Help you to work on removing your blocks.
  6. Keep you accountable. Help to keep you on track and moving forward
  7. Be your cheerleader! Help you celebrate your strengths and achievements. 

Just like the proverbial genie, I can't make someone fall in love with you and  I definitely can't raise the dead. But you do get to wish for as many things as you like. As long as you are willing to do the work, I will help you to achieve them. 


What I love best about coaching is talking to interesting people.

I want to learn about you - hear your story.  What makes you tick? What is that one vision or goal you wish for your life? What does the life of your dreams look like? And how important is it to you go achieve it? 

My favorite clients are people who feel deep inside that there is more for them than they are currently experiencing. They are willing and determined to do what it takes to get there. My favorite clients are the folks who suspect they are more powerful than they can possibly imagine and they just need a little help to realize it. Is that you?


What is your dream? What are the possibilities?

People come to coaching  because they have a goal they want to achieve; some area of their life that they need to improve; or a dream they wish to realize. For many people, this falls into one of these areas:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Vision for your future
  • Figuring out what your life is supposed to mean

Your situation might fall into one of those areas. Or you might have something completely different. Either way, I am professionally trained to help you achieve the results you desire. It's a reliable, evidence-based process. It has been shown to work. It can work for you. 

If this sounds interesting to you....

If you would like to learn more about what coaching can do for you,  I offer a complimentary consultation. Let's discover if coaching is right for you. Let's discover how you can make your life better. This is not a sales call. It's a service call. My aim is to offer you the best initial coaching experience possible. 

  • No strings
  • No obligations
  • No hard sells

If you decide that you are not interested in pursuing the life of your dreams, or if right now is not the best time for you to get started, that's Ok. You are in control. 

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Call or text: (513) 519-4479